OCCA is an office organisation and storage system exclusively distributed by BMR SPAIN. A solution has earned the backing of the sector owing to its undeniable excellence and effectiveness in workspaces.

It should also be emphasised that this office organisation and storage system is a standard integrated accessory for all BMR Spain’s product ranges. This means that it has a standardized structure, which makes it easier, in turn, to create functional workspaces in which organisation reigns supreme.

This solution includes cabinets and wall storage units that work as an integrated complement for our other line of products. They are the perfect combination.


Shown below are some of the many possible combinations offered by OCCA. Nonetheless, do not hesitate to contact us to discover other alternatives. We custom build to each customer’s needs.

  • Base or intermediate cabinet with swing doors and single- or double-glazed pane on the top panel
  • Tall cabinet with swing doors
  • Tall cabinet with bottom doors and shelves
  • Tall cabinet with glass swing doors
  • Tall cabinet with wooden swing doors (additional options available).

Stand out technical features include quality finishes, a variety of sizes, secure mounting, easy maintenance and good acoustics.


The office organisation and storage system that you need

Never forget that effectiveness and efficiency are the basis of good organisation. The success of the company depends upon its proper management. OCCA helps you with this task, making it easier to organise spaces.

Only through careful attention to detail can we grow with our customers, who appreciate our efforts and dedication in each project.

Unlimited solutions that multiply effective and unique solutions.



  • Floor- and ceiling-mounted horizontal aluminium profiles.
  • Side panels and structural shelves in 19 mm chipboard, reinforced acoustic edges.
  • Telescopic levelling system.

  • 434 mm single end panel. 496 mm double acoustic end panel.
  • Wall cabinets.
  • Partition cabinets. Full-height or glass to the ceiling.
  • Base cabinets with top panel.
  • 19 mm chipboard doors with a density of 650 kg/m3, several finishes, 300 mm round handle in aluminium colour.
  • Cabinets may be equipped with rod holders upon request. Master keys are optional. 19 mm thick chipboard end panel with a density of 650 kg/m3, several finishes.
  • Metal shelves for standard 1000 or 500 modules, holding up to 80 kg centred on the shelf. Double end panel insulated with 40 mm thick mineral wool panel.
  • Melamine coated panels in solid colour or imitation wood, varnished wood panes, vinyl screens, textiles, lacquered finish (textured, silk or glossy).
  • Plate, matt, coloured or self-adhesive vinyl glass.

  • 3000 mm for modules with a door over total height.
  • 3,600 mm depending on finish. Contact us.


  • 1000 or 500 m.
  • Sides lined with 19 mm panels.

Manufacturing tolerances

  • Special custom parts ±3/1,000.

Assembly tolerances

  • Floor and ceiling: ±8 mm.
  • Available on request: -8 mm, +15 mm.

  • Mechanically mounted to existing floor, ceiling and walls.
  • Quick latch, concealed hinged door opening 95°.
  • Back panels mounted with nickel-plated steel fittings.

  • A wide range of accessories for partition walls (tables and wall storage units, acoustic correction panels, LCD screen mounting bracket; electricity and lighting points, etc.).


  • Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent. All materials meet current quality standards for treatment and resistance.
  • Basic cabinet Rw = 40 dB (-1; -1)
  • Cabinet with double side panel Rw = 51 dB (-2; -6);
  • Certified to EN ISO 717-1:1996.