BMR Spain specialises in providing comprehensive solutions for interior spaces, designing and installing partitions that do not compromise aesthetics. Functionality and flexibility are two key factors to keep in mind; however, they lack meaning without a successful outcome.

Hence the concept of Openwall, a modular office partition system where versatility is key to delivering perfect solutions for multi-purpose spaces. Given that workplaces are increasingly changing, rooms (and all its components) must adapt to new possible scenarios.

Furthermore, the quality of detail, the seamless efficiency and the unlimited organisational possibilities of this modular office partition system bring value to spaces.

Thus, each space shall fulfil a specific function, and BMR Spain will reliably provide the necessary solutions.



Width of modules

  • 900 > 1200 mm

Maximum height

  • 5000 mm

Width of modules with doors

  • Single door – 1.200/825 mm; 1300/925 mm
  • Double door – 2,400/1,550 mm; 2,600/1,850 mm
  • Visible aluminium profile: 92 mm
  • Concealed aluminium profile: 110, 130 mm
  • Weight Kg/m2: 40 > 58
  • Structure: Aluminium
  • Chipboard panels: 10, 16, 19 mm
  • Module downlock: 90º
  • Suspension:
    • One-way: 1 carriage 4 wheels
    • Multidirectional: 2 carriages 2 wheels
  • Connection to floor and ceiling: Telescopic 1500N pres.
dB Insulation

  • 35 > 0

Comprehensive, custom-made solutions for interior spaces

Openwall’s office partitions are tailored to your needs. They will be assembled according to a carefully crafted idea to increase work productivity and effectiveness.

It also makes it easier to combine transparent and opaque elements, but always with quality materials and excellent finishes. It must also be made clear that neither acoustics nor privacy is compromised at any time.

The purity of design and material, and a passion for unconventional aesthetics and functionality. This ensures that each space has its own essence; a personality that advocates simplicity and elegance, whilst performing the function for which it was created.

The best technical solution for new corporate spaces.