Light, transparent material; functional, simple spaces. Three key concepts to understand BMR Spain’s modular glass systems for offices.

The R66 offers modern, innovative solutions that pave the way to respond to the new realities in workspaces. The perfect option for spaces that seek to foster creativity, share new ideas and instil positive values.

These office glass dividers make it easier to create simple spaces using state-of-the-art technology. We keep abreast of trends and needs in the sector, always trying to provide a quick and reliable response.


Much more than designing modular glass office systems

The first thing you need to know about R66 is that this new transparent wall represents an evolution in the design of modular glass office systems. A process that has resulted in a unique system based on two key aesthetic concepts: transparency and lightness of materials.

Once you know this, it is easier to understand everything else. Indeed, this new partition concept brings functionality and flexibility in dividing spaces. Furthermore, its excellent quality-price ratio makes it one of the most competitive products in the market.


It also stems from a constructive minimalist approach that has at its core the unique aluminium profile that structures the whole installation. Moreover, glazed areas can easily be modified when needed.

In short, it is a new idea for new times. It should not be forgotten that evolving workspaces require adequate responses, and this system will do so with transparency as its core value.

Available as a continuous system with swing doors or sliders, adjustable acoustics and quality finishes. Come and find the best solutions!



  • Extruded aluminium profiles, 32 mm high x 34 mm wide for single-glazed opaque partitions, or 40 mm high x 63 mm wide for double-glazing.
  • Opaque panels with extruded aluminium vertical structure.
  • 16 mm thick, double chipboard panels with density of 650 kg/m3, different finishes.
  • 30 mm thick mineral wool insulation between panels.
  • Single- or double-glazing continuous system, 10 or 12 mm thick.
  • Swing door with aluminium profile frame and stainless steel top plate.
  • Swing, pivot or sliding doors.
  • 42 or 66 mm thick solid doors, coated with 2 mm resistant PVC. It may include a lower acoustic seal profile. Matt stainless steel hinges.
  • 10 or 12 mm tempered glass doors. Matt aluminium hinges.
  • 6 mm thick single- or double-glazed doors, framed with 42 mm thick profiles. Matt aluminium hinges.
  • Plate, matt, coloured or self-adhesive vinyl glass.
  • Melamine coated panels in f colour or imitation wood, varnished wood panels, vinyl screens, textiles, lacquered finish (textured, silk or glossy).
  • Anodised or lacquered aluminium profiles with textured, silk or glossy finish.

  • 3,200 mm glazed modules.
  • 3,000 mm opaque panels.
  • 3,600 mm depending on finish. Contact us.


  • 1,000 or 500 mm opaque panels.
  • In glazed modules, width is based on height, with a maximum of 2.70 m2 and a minimum of 150 mm.

Manufacturing tolerances

  • Special custom parts ±3/1,000

Assembly tolerances

  • Floor and ceiling: ±10 mm
  • Glass panes are joined with polycarbonate or aluminium profiles.

  • Mechanically mounted to existing floor, ceiling and walls. Opaque panels are fixed to the aluminium profile with an anchor.
  • Fixed glass with aluminium profiles. Glass panes are joined with polycarbonate or aluminium profiles

  • A wide range of accessories for partition walls (tables and wall storage units, suspended shelves, curtains and blinds, self-adhesive decorative screens, acoustic correction panels, LCD screen mounting bracket; electricity and lighting points, etc.).
  • Glazed panels. Rw = 34 dB (-1; -2)
  • Opaque swing door. Rw = 30 dB ( -2; – 2)
  • Certified to EN ISO 717-1:1996.