BMR SPAIN brings excellence in design to modular office systems, prioritising flexibility, quality and technological innovation above all else.

UMA’s continuous system is primarily characterised by its ability to adapt easily to each project’s needs. This flexibility brings unique efficiency to the system, ensuring privacy without compromising aesthetics.

UMA is one of the modular office systems most in demand by our customers. The excellent results achieved to date have won customers’ trust. Our single- or double-glazed models can be used as a standalone structure or jointly with opaque chipboard solutions. We bring your idea to life.

The modular system and swing doors are available in glass (single- or double tempered), chipboard or lacquered steel. The swing doors can be flush with the partition or the tracks.


Leveraging modular office system designs

We always strive to create a product that unites aesthetics and top quality features:

  • Quality finishes.
  • Opaque panels with reaction to fire classification.
  • Acoustic privacy.
  • Easy maintenance. Cleaning only requires a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • A wide range of accessories for this modular office system, and much more.

Fast installation and a wide variety of components make UMA a safe bet when creating a flexible office partition design that suits your project.

A system adapted to each need, customisable without compromising its essence. Quality down to the smallest detail.



  • Modular system with galvanized steel profiles.
  • Continuous aluminium profile system with 26 mm visible surface.
  • Aluminium profiles with visible treated surface.
  • Natural anodised aluminium bottom profile for floor and ceiling, with 18 mm visible surface.
  • Telescopic levelling system with compression spring..
  • Double-double chipboard panels, 19 or 16 mm thick with density of 650 kg/m3, different finishes. 40 mm thick mineral wool insulation between panels.
  • 13 mm high-density double fibreboard panels, 1,100 kg/m3, different finishes. 60 mm thick mineral wool insulation between panels.
  • 13 mm double panels manufactured from 0.9 mm lacquered sheet steel with interior plasterboard in different finishes. 60 mm thick mineral wool insulation between panels.
  • 13 mm double plasterboard faced panels, different finishes. 60 mm thick mineral wool insulation between panels.
  • Floor-to-ceiling glazed panels, intermediate or multiple.
  • Double-glazing modular structural system, minimalist aluminium grid with 26 mm visible surface and 4 mm joint between profiles.
  • 5 or 6 mm thick tempered glass, Venetian blinds optional.
  • Single- or double-glazing continuous system, 10 or 12 mm thick.
  • Swing door with aluminium profile frame and stainless steel top plate.
  • Swing or sliding doors, between panels or on the outside.
  • 42 mm or 92 mm thick opaque doors, chipboard or lacquered steel sheet, acoustic seal on bottom edge.
  • Stainless steel hinges and handle.
  • Single-glazed, 10 or 12 mm thick tempered glass doors.
  • 6 mm thick single- or double-glazed doors, framed with 42 mm profiles. Matt aluminium hinges.
  • Plate, matt, coloured or self-adhesive vinyl glass.
  • Melamine coated panels in solid colour or imitation wood, varnished natural wood panels, vinyl screens, textiles, lacquered finish (textured, silk or glossy).
  • Anodised or lacquered aluminium profiles with textured, silk or glossy finish.

  • 3,200 mm glazed modules.
  • 3,000 mm opaque panels.
  • 3,600 mm depending on finish. Contact us.


  • 2,000, 1,000 or 500 mm framed opaque or glazed panels.
  • In frameless glazed modules, width is based on height, with a maximum of 2.70 m2 and a minimum of 150 mm.
  • Manufacturing tolerances.
  • Special custom parts ±3/1,000.

Assembly tolerances

  • Floor and ceiling: ±8 mm.
  • Available on request: -8 mm, 15 mm.
  • Doors with 10 (±5) mm gap.

  • By compression to the floor and ceiling or mechanically mounted when the ceiling is not sufficiently strong (6 kg/cm2).
  • Framed opaque and glazed panels with steel anchors.
  • Fixed, continuous glazed and opaque panels with aluminium profiles.
  • Glass panes with polycarbonate or aluminium profiles.

  • A wide range of accessories for partition walls (tables and wall storage units
, suspended shelves, curtains and blinds, self-adhesive decorative screens, acoustic correction panels, LCD
 screen mounting bracket; electricity and lighting points, etc.).


  • Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • All materials meet current quality standards for treatment and resistance.
  • Opaque panels Rw = 43-48 dB.
  • Glazed panels, based on number and thickness of panes Rw = 34-42 dB.
  • Solid doors Rw = 30-33 dB.
  • Double-glazed doors Rw = 35-36 dB.
  • Laboratory certified to EN ISO 717-1.
  • Opaque panels with reaction to fire classification Class C-s2, d0. It can be B following prior consultation.
  • Laboratory certified to EN 13501-1